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    It's my pleasure to introduce @Stephen Welch as the July Connection of the Month. Stephen is a director of Archetypical Ltd, the company behind Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders. He was on the UK Board for six years and UK President for two.  ...

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    collecting A/R

    Ugh. The business of the business. Not often - but every once in a while - we find ourselves with a client who won't pay the invoice. Sometimes, in our enthusiasm, we jump into the work before the deposit is paid... or sometimes we have really great ...

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    Thank you Elena for advice that is valuable for so many of us. It's good to know we are not alone! ------------------------------ Mary Brown Assoc Dir, Strategic Communications Merck Princeton NJ ------------------------------

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    Long-time listener, first-time caller here. Seeking best practices, insights, and recommendations for standing up a communications knowledge platform for enterprise proof points and messaging for use by communicators across the enterprise -- proof points ...

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    I echo Maliha in starting with research of your own employees. You will find that employees will tell you on a survey which sources they prefer on different topics. But even when they say they prefer information on some topics by email, that doesn't mean ...

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