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    It's my pleasure to introduce Kacy Vega, who is the director of internal communications at the UC San Diego Library and a member of the thriving IABC San Diego chapter. Below is a brief question and answer interview with Kacy sharing her advice ...

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    ------------------------------ Ashley Carter Community Manager | IABC community@iabc.com ------------------------------

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    RE: Cultural Comms

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    Hi, Kim. I don't have any case studies because I don't actually consult on this topic. I normally conduct surveys and focus groups on communication effectiveness; the intercultural communication guide was part of my master's thesis in Leadership. The ...

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    I'm glad you found it valuable, Martine! ------------------------------ Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow CEO Sinickas Communications, Inc. www.sinicom.com ------------------------------

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    Hi Kaleigh, Hope you enjoyed your time at LI. If you think you'd benefit from a full-service, one stop shop to ensure all your video communication needs are taken care of when it comes to capturing video onsite at your conference I'd be happy ...

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